Numbers Protocol: Web3 decentralized image network

What is Numbers Protocol?
Numbers Protocol is a decentralized picture network governed by users. It uses IPFS to store data, so that each registered picture or video bears the creator’s signature, ownership certificate, time and space information, and complete transaction records, making the picture or video traceable , Be verified, protect the copyright of the creator, provide a verifiable platform for authenticity, and make it possible to monetize the digital image assets of Web3.

So how does Numbers Protocol do it? Let us look at its operating mechanism?

The asset owner registers or updates the history of the asset in the decentralized image network through the Capture APP, and puts the work on the Capture Club.
Absenteeism verification transactions, metadata containing sensitive personal information (geographical location, shooting equipment, etc.) is stored in the decentralized data storage protocol IPFS that requires permission control, and insensitive metadata is stored in the Ethereum and ThunderCore blockchain (later Will increase BSC/SOL). Protect the privacy of users.
Buyers pay for digital image assets at Capture Club, and original asset owners and network verifiers receive rewards.

The ultimate goal of Numbers Protocol is the fidelity media network, so that everyone can freely create verifiable digital image assets. To achieve this goal, Numbers has developed three tools and two applications.

Three tools:
Capture App—The first blockchain camera application created for Web3, the first NFT camera application, and the first digital wallet dedicated to storing image assets. The experience is no different from ordinary photography applications, but the ownership of the photo and the background information (including the creator, latitude and longitude, and timestamp) of the photo can be recorded at the same time as the photo is taken.

Seal API—Provide developers with rich API settings and friendly interfaces to create new ecosystem applications.

Trace Site—Read the website of the built-in information of the picture and the record on the chain, including the original author, creation time, and owner, which can help creators declare copyright.

Two applications
Capture Club—The first NFT market to provide end-to-end fidelity. Creators can easily upload photos or videos taken from the Capture App, helping them update records on the blockchain to protect copyright. Buyers can purchase works through digital currency or credit card payment, lowering the entry barrier for non-cryptocurrency enthusiasts and expanding the target group.

NFT Search Engine—Users can upload a NFT picture or video to view historical records, including the number of over-casting copies, which can help users check the authenticity and uniqueness of NFTs. With the support of Protocol Lab and NFT Scan, it is the first content-based search engine with a certain moat.

Token mechanism
NUM Token is the native functional token of the protocol, which can be used to pay for service fees in the decentralized image network, incentivize users to store images and verify the integrity of content.

How users can participate in the agreement to obtain token rewards:

Create or consume images with complete information
Reputable industry experts verify the credibility of the image
Ordinary users vote to verify the credibility of the image