NFT trend and new Genart

Before the new NFT standard is popularized, some projects have relied on their own mechanism design and technological micro-innovation to make NFT composable and exchangeabl more obvious. Just like DeFi building blocks, the composability of NFT will bring more value discoveries to the project. For instance LOSTPOETS and various Loot equipment market projects.

Art blocks is the most brimming genart art. Art blocks sold a large number of recognizable paintings in the early days, such as Fidenza, Ringers, Chromie Squiggle. In the last few releases, we can see that interactive projects are gaining more market recognition. Collectors get a 3D space, and they can adjust their paintings and perspectives by themselves. Collectors are involved in art creation to a certain extent. This is an experience completely unavailable for traditional collection paintings.

The most recent examples are Democracity and Skulptuur. One work can be rotated and zoomed to control the angle of observing the corners of the city, and the other can control the clarity of the 3D sculpture layer and choose the texture you like for the picture.
In addition to the interaction of the painting itself, many works also have a good interaction with the real world. For example, Meetbits, another work by Larvalabs, the parent company of CryptoPunks. After obtaining the NFT, collectors can download the 3d modeling data of the entire work, and the enthusiasts in the community can easily import the work data to the video production platform to create dances and various short stories that are more spreadable on tiktok platforms. video.

Recently, the concept of AI+NFT has begun to appear in the market. NFT is not just a jpg, but is combined with AI to give the image more personal characteristics, a bit like a cultivated electronic pet. This kind of trial projects such as mirror world, In addition to obtaining an avatar, a dialogue robot is also obtained. With time development and more dialogue training, AI will gain more personal characteristics of collectors. If an NFT can have more personality of its holder, it cannot be copied and imitated.

There is another type of genart. The code of the work can be looped and iterated, allowing collectors to see that the details of the work continue to change over time, and the final product will not be obtained until the end of the loop code. For example, in the recently released rituals-venice series, the music and screen animations are constantly updated.