New series of “LOSTPOETS” designed by digital artist Pak

After receiving Elon Musk’s praise and Sotheby’s attention, the single-day trading volume on OpenSea once surpassed Cryptopunks and ranked first. The trading volume in the past week also exceeded 10,000 ETH, ranking among the top three of all NFT projects. The floor price is 1.05 ETH.

LOSTPOETS design ideas and roadmap
LOSTPOETS is an NFT collection and strategy game. The original NFT was a piece of “white paper”. Having the “white paper” is equivalent to having the qualification to participate in the game designed by Pak. Each piece of “white paper” NFT collectors can visit Then choose to redeem the “Poet” NFT. The “Poet” NFT can name the poet by destroying another “white paper” NFT.

The “Poet” NFT series includes 65536 NFTs and 1024 initial NFTs, which are artistic avatars generated by AI. Each “poet” NFT is unique, coming from one of the 1024 original poet NFTs, carrying 256 different genetic characteristics.

LOSTPOETS is divided into several stages according to the idea of “Poets need to use white paper to write poems and naming”. The first stage was completed in early September. ASH token holders are awarded 7586 “white paper” NFTs (page NFT, While being able to redeem “Poet” NFT) later, it also raised up to 70 million U.S. dollars through the sale of “White Paper” NFT, with a unit price of 0.32 ETH.

The second stage opened last weekend. Collectors of “white paper” NFTs have two weeks to choose to exchange for “poet” NFT, or they can continue to keep “white paper” NFT. “Poet” NFT has hidden rare features, and will gradually appear over time. In addition, LOSTPOETS has also awarded 294 initial “poet” NFTs to the top 100 collectors who hold “white paper” NFTs. In addition, in the next 365 days, there will be 730 initial “poet” NFTs remaining every day Of two random airdrops to collectors. There are already several initial NFT resales that have reached 50 ETH.