Stone from the Mountain

Moses was to climb the Mountain once again in order to receive the tablets of stone written by God but what was inscribed on this stone tablets?

Stone from the Mountain…A stone from the summit of a mountain. Each stone is beautiful in its own way. Each is unique, nature in colour and The only one in the world. It is a product of God.

I get an idea on cartoonize my natural unique stone into Nft artwork.

Btc Stone – Stay tune Amigo.
Crypto stone (reverse btc stone) – Not For Sell
StonePunk –
Doge Stone –
Ether Stone –

Let’s goooo can’t believe how undervalued this Nft is! The potential is brimming!

SOL stone Nft.

Axie Stone
This stone look like Dragon or Devil? In my view this is Dragon face. Buy here

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